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The Bullard Foundation has started a program that involves the Teachers at Bullard and not just the STEM lab. This is a  Bullard Teacher Request for certain items or activity that is in need for the classroom or grade level. Teachers can submit a request here to be reviewed by the Board. 

Please note that this is only a request and is not guaranteed. If you're a Business owner, Family Member, Parent, or individual and would like to sponsor a request, please fill out the form below. 

The Foundation takes request 2 times a year. One for Fall Semester and One for Spring Semester. Please look for deadline dates when you apply. 



At the Bullard Foundation we are a Team of Parents, Business owners and Professionals that focus their time and energy on giving back to their community. We would be thrilled to have you join us in hopes you could help us make a difference. 

Learn more with our Bullard Foundation Brochure.

Bullard Foundation Brochure


The Bullard foundation is always open to new members to serve as a decision maker when it comes to Fundraising, Funding and other voting matters. 

The board works hand-in-hand with the Principal and the Administrative staff to help better serve the needs of the student body. The STEM lab has been the boards focus for 5 years and needs more members each year to continue our efforts in funding what the classrooms need.

Since the boards inception in 2013, the foundation was just getting started but now in 2021 we have raised almost $100,000 because of people like you. 

Help us continue our mission in helping our students. 

Startup Room



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